OHIP does not cover everything

Although Canadians take for granted a wide range of free services, OHIP does not pay for all services that you request from your doctor. Services that OHIP does not pay for are called “uninsured services” and it is illegal and fraudulent for doctors to bill OHIP for them. In order to maintain the financial viability of our practice and ensure prompt service, it is necessary (and legal) for our practice to charge for these services. For more information, see the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario patient information sheet (pdf).


Uninsured Services, Block Fees, and Missed Appointments Policy

Payment at point of service or annual Block Fee:

All patients are offered the ability to pay a Block Fee. This is now an annual $80 fee that covers some uninsured services (see list covered by Block Fee under our "policy" section) for each patient for a period of 12 months from payment. Children under the age of 18 who live at home are covered by the Block Fee paid by at least one parent. You have the option of selecting the Block Fee or paying for all uninsured services as you need them. It is very important to emphasize that there will be no change to the care you receive no matter which option you choose.

Fee for pharmacy requests for prescription renewals by fax:

In the first three years of practice, I did not charge when your pharmacy faxed our office with requests for prescription renewals. This is an uninsured service. I am now implementing a charge for this service as fax prescription renewals have been dramatically increasing in volume and demanding more of both my receptionist’s and my time. The amount of medication given to a patient at a visit corresponds with the next time it is medically necessary to follow up with your doctor. If a change in medication is needed, or if your prescription runs out before the next scheduled appointment, an earlier visit would be in order. If your pharmacy faxes our office requesting a renewal, a charge will be generated. This charge is covered by the Block Fee. If you have not paid a Block Fee, you will be charged $20 for a prescription renewal. To avoid this fee, it is your responsibility to set up appointments BEFORE your prescription runs out.

Fees for missed appointments:

Block fees do NOT cover payment for missed appointments – it is your responsibility to provide at least 48 hrs notice to cancel or change an appointment. All patients who miss an appointment or cancel with insufficient notice will be subject to a fee, as follows: Patients will be billed $75 for missed 15 minute appointments (standard visits), $165 for missed annual physical exams, and $165 for missed counselling appointments.

Note: Anyone who misses two or more appointments and fails to pay the invoiced fee within 60 days will be de-rostered and asked to find another family doctor. This policy applies to all patients, without exception.

Seasonal flu shots

The flu vaccine is safe, free and the most effective way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the flu. Getting the flu shot is an easy way to avoid missing school or work, or passing on the flu to those around you. Pregnant women, families with newborn babies, infants and children 6 months to 5 years, elderly patients and anyone with asthma or COPD are strongly encouraged to get the flu shot. If you are a registered patient you may book an appointment for your flu shot (no walk-ins please) beginning in October or November. For more information on this year's flu season, please visit the Ottawa Public Health web site.

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